5 Workplace Tweaks That Can Boost Employee Productivity

Between 2013 and 2014, Australia had a 1.4% increase in labour productivity. This is good result, but to make sure the trend continues to grow, it is important to understand some of the factors that play a vital role in increasing labour productivity.

According to various studies, the ambiance or setting of an office environment can have a sizable impact on how active and focused employees are during productive hours. A study[1] concluded determined that a nicely decorated office plays a significant role in employees’ focus and productivity.

Unfortunately, more than half of employers don’t consider it a good investment to upgrade the workplace for sake of boosting productivity. However, with a few tweaks and hacks, anyone can and should make certain physical and ergonomic improvements to the office in order to improve their employees’ productivity.

Natural Lightning is the Way to Go

Natural lightning plays a vital role in keeping a person focused, inspired and awake to work productively. Lightning that’s either too harsh or too cool, can really put a drain on productivity. In addition, it can also cause fatigue, depression, eyestrain, headaches and irritability. It's good to open the windows to let natural air as well as light in, as long as the weather isn’t too warm, cold or rainy if you’re not a big fan of keeping the blinds drawn, consider using natural light bulbs as these can simulate the natural light from the sun improving your employees motivation and creativity.

Make Your Workplace Ergonomic

You probably have seen your employees taking frequent coffee breaks or otherwise finding excuses to move around every hour or so to stay focused. You may have noticed how some of them tend to shift uncomfortably at their workstations every few minutes. This most likely points to the fact that their work space does not accommodate them well ergonomically. So what should you do? Acknowledge that your employees are observing the following:

● Eyes 24-36 inches away from the monitor and the top half of the screen is below or at eye level.

● Feet resting flat on the floor or on a foot rest.

● A slightly reclined posture as a stiff, 90 degree seated angle can put undue stress on the lower back. In addition, make sure the chairs don’t encourage excessive leaning and that the elbows are aligned properly on the arm rests.

If your budget allows, invest more in ergonomic chairs and desks. This is an investment that will yield great returns in terms of higher employee productivity and reduced fatigue levels.

Keeping Your Office Clean

Remember when your mother told you to clean up your room? It turns out all that nagging was for a very good reason. According to a research conducted at the Princeton University Neuroscience Institute, unnecessary room or environmental clutter can hamper your ability to focus and process information. Therefore, it is recommended to perform Commercial Cleaning twice or thrice a week and de-clutter your office to keep employees focused and productive.

You’ll find numerous Office Cleaning departments in Perth, Australia that will keep your office nice and tidy.

Colour Affects Productivity

Scientific studies have shown that colour affects how we think, act and feel when we are surrounded by it. In fact, colours also play a vital role in our productivity levels. According to a recent study conducted by the University of Texas, it has been found that offices painted in beige, grey or white can induce sad and depressed feelings.

According to various studies, four colours are known to improve productivity; each of these colours work on a different scale to achieve the desired effect:

● Blue is known to enhance productivity where mind power is especially crucial for work.

● Yellow induces an emotional feeling that’s perfect for individuals who want to better tap into their creative prowess.

● Red better stimulates physical activity. So if your workplace is all about physical work, then this colour can work wonders.

● Green provides a strong sense of balance and perfect for places where ingenuity and creativity are needed.

Bring in the Natural World

If your office doesn’t provide a natural view of the beauty and zing of Mother Nature then you may need to invest some money in pictures and plants that resemble nature. Studies show that indoor plants can significantly