How to keep your bathroom clean in between spring cleans

Bathrooms are always a headache for most of us, nothing worst to get home and look at the build ups of scum that does not even let you see through the shower glass, water marks on sinks and mirrors, buildups of mould in your tiles, around the sink, and taps and finally layers and layers of dust.

Well, if you have a roster to clean your bathrooms at least every month you are in an okay position – this is never ideal however. If your bathrooms are not going to be cleaned for a full month, I am sorry say that they would remain clean for up to three days and then everything starts to build up again.

Here are few tips that will help you maintain your bathroom tidier for longer.

The first thing you should do is to buy a squeegee and keep it in your shower at all times. On the squeegee category you will have many options; starting from $5 you can find a good enough from Ikea or Bunnings or if you are a little bit more fancy check out the indoor window cleaner from Enjo. For this job you don’t need an expensive one as you need to have in your shower at all times otherwise you will always forget to bring it in when you need to take a bath. Get into the routine of passing your squeegee thorough all surfaces of the glass. This is an effective solution that will stop water marks, soap scum and build ups to stick to your glass saving you precious time when the time comes for a new cleaning. By spending this 7 seconds each time you use your shower, you can actually safe around 20 to 30 minutes of scrubbing in your knees each month. I also recommend avoiding the use of bar soaps because after its use, a bar soap keeps dripping for up to 5 minutes until is dry. These drops of soap are almost impossible to remove once they dry, so imagine the build up for whole a month! Removing these soap marks can take up to 30 minutes and also includes the usage of harsh chemicals that you really don’t want in your home. This also apply sinks, bench tops and basins, so if you really want to maintain your bathroom presentable do not ever use bar soap!

Keep a microfiber cloth somewhere in your bathroom so you can clean water after you use the sink. This again will help water damage to your stone beach tops or your laminates as water get through them and being responsible for nasty repairing costs. Again you can buy microfiber cloths in Bunnings, but with all honesty I 100% recommend the Enjo Bathroom Miracle. This will be the only bathroom cloth that you will buy in many years; it is just fantastic, it almost never wares off! Different to what happens to cheap microfiber cloths that shrink, lose their shape and are less effective after 2 or 3 washes making you work harder.

Buy cleaning wipes and keep them on top of your toilet of under the sink. If you prefer you can buy baby wipes as they work as well, they not only help you to keep dust, make up, facial hair and water away from your surfaces but you can also use these ones to pick up dust and hair from the floor without the need to drag your big vacuum machine and your mop (disclaimer: Only use them in your face only if you know that you won’t have a severe allergy or don’t need to use special products on your face due to a skin condition).

Finally, during winter I would highly recommend to keep Exit Mould near your shower and spray as needed to avoid bigger areas of mould growth. Spraying more often during winter is needed because mould grows 3 times faster than in summer months. As you know I am not a fan of chemicals, but again with mould your only option is a very frequent good clean as well as venting your bathrooms every day.

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