How to optimise cleaning at home

Let’s call a spade a spade cleaning is not therapeutic, at least not for the most of you but this is necessary especially if you have kids, mascots or suffer from allergies. In my time as a cleaner I thought I was actually a super cleaner and that I could do any job in a very short period of time. It turns out like in everything cleaners also need to prioritize as is it almost impossible to clean a house let’s say 3 bedrooms and 1 bathroom with 2 cats perfectly and I am mean perfect – in less than 3 hours if you don’t use some kind of planning and prioritization.

I found that when you have an OCD for cleaning it is very easy to lose hours in just one area of the house. For example the kitchen and let’s face it, these days who has more than one hour to clean a day? The first thing you need to do is putting away everything (or as much as you can), this includes cookware bench tops your toiletries, picture frames etc. This will save you precious time when you pass your clothes and spray all these areas.

Secondly you need time to think what areas are the hardest to clean for example; if you have cats or dogs it is very likely that you have a ton of hair to vacuum every day and if you don’t do this daily let me tell you! Additionally, depending on how old is our home and how strict with cleaning you are, you might have some build ups, usually in the shower, basin and around the taps. Once you have identified this you can tackle them first.

When you have built ups is very important to use the product that will safe you hours of rubbing and scrubbing - I usually prefer Exit Mould and Shower Power so you can spray a tiny amount and let it act while you do other areas, so when you get back to the bathroom it is easier to clean so you don’t have to spend time siting around while the product does its job.

Remember safety is first, I normally wouldn’t recommend such harsh chemicals but if you have not been doing your “homework” this is your last resource. To use Exit Mould, scum removers or any type of bleach you must wear gloves, safety glasses as well as an industrial mouth cover. You might think this can be a little extremist but in fact these chemicals can cause inflammation to your lungs and damage to your internal organs. So if you don’t want to use these chemicals you need to clean these areas with normal soup at least every third day.

Once you have tacked the rough areas, you can move to other areas and remember always finish with your mirrors, glass areas as well as floors. The reason being is because when you do these areas first, generally they get dirty when you do the rest of the areas creating double processing.

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