Winter Clean Living survival pack


Just because it’s cold outside and the days are shorter doesn’t mean that you can’t live clean and healthy! Here is Chacha’s Winter Clean Living survival pack to help you go through winter as healthy as possible!

  • Sleep well. It is very important to sleep at least 7 hours a night to help your body and your brain relax. Winter is the perfect time for getting more sleep, as nights are longer and colder you tend to go to bed earlier and wake up later!

  • Eat fruits and vegetables. This time of year fruits and vegetables are not so easy to find and neither cheap. Prefer fruits and vegetable of the season, preferably grown locally which will be much helthier and cheaper than imported ones. Bananas, Oranges, Apples are nice fruits to eat in winter.

  • Avoid junk food. It is much more tempting in winter to order a pizza or reheat a frozen lasagna as cold brings laziness. You’ll also be less tempted to eat a salad, or cold meals. Eat hot soups or vegetable dishes that are still really good for your body and yummy! No need to stock up extra fat you’ll regret when summer comes back.

  • Exercise. Again it’s harder to get motivated to go out for a run when it’s so cold outside. Buy warm and appropriate clothes and you won’t fear the it anymore! Subscribe to a gym if you’re reluctant to practise outdoors sports or get friends to come with you! Keep training on a regular basis to stay healthy! Bring the whole family to the ice skating ring on the weekend!

  • Take vitamins. As it’s hard to get exposed to the sun regularly in winter, you might need to take extra Vitamin C and D to help your immune system stay efficient.

  • Wash your hands all the time. Winter is the time of year when you’re most likely to get a cold or get sick. To avoid that, wash your hands regularly and avoid contact with other people. Stay away from those who are sick and could transmit bacteria to you.

  • Go out! See your friends, organize dinners, go to events in your city. Winter can get lonely if you don’t force yourself to socialize! Seeing other people is also good for your mental health, so you don’t stay isolated from the rest of the world during the cold months.

  • Clean your house regularly. Cleaning may be a good way to keep fit whilst doing something useful! Mould and mildew can grow easily during winter months as we don’t ventilate the house as often as in summer. If you don’t like to clean your house by yourself, we’ll do the cleaning!