How to avoid allergies in Winter


It is winter and you think that it’s going to be a relief because your allergies won’t be back until spring. But many things can cause allergies to strike you even in winter time. Here are some tips to avoid a runny nose and endless coughing!

  • Clean your dryer’s filter

In winter, you probably won’t want to hang your clothes outside to dry, you will be more inclined to use your dryer. Do not forget to clean the fluff and dust which accumulates on the filter and could be spread out all over your clothes.

  • Clean the inside of your bins regularly. If you don’t, it’s going to get very smelly and you’ll get mould and mildew everywhere because of humidity. You can also expect any kind of bugs and insects to come and live there if you leave the dirt build up.

  • Clean the top of your furniture. This is a spot we always forget to clean because we don’t see it. This is also the perfect place for dust to build up!

  • Do not make wood fires. They are known for spreading around all kinds of particles in the smoke they make. If you can, use a gas heater or a reverse air con system.

  • Be sure to mop your floors. If you think that vacuuming is enough, you are wrong! After you vacuum, there are still particles wandering around even if you don’t see them! Mopping helps getting rid of even more dust and keeps your house healthy.

  • Change your bed sheets regularly. Bacteria love bed sheets even if you would think it’s a pretty clean area of your house. Imagine the amount of dust you ca breathe in only one night! Do not forget to change the bed sheets regularly.

  • Dust your curtains and blinds. This is not an easy task that we often try to avoid as much as we can. But curtains and blinds have to be cleaned regularly to avoid spreading dust all around the place every time you open or close them! As it could be a real hassle to clean them, ask a professional to do it for you!

  • Avoid using carpets Carpets are paradise for any kind of organism, they are hard to clean properly and retain filth and dirt.

  • Let someone else do the cleaning for you! Cleaning and moving around all this dust can sometimes not be really good for your allergies. Even if you are removing it, you breathe particles while cleaning anyway. Let professional cleaner do the job for you, you’ll be sure everything is 100% dust free and you won’t have to worry about feeling bad again!

  • Check the Perth pollen forecast to know if tomorrow is a good day to go for a walk in the park or if it could trigger your allergies!