Clean Living : How to avoid cold and flu in winter?


In winter it doesn’t take a lot to get a cold or flu (also called influenza), so be aware that you can get sick easily! Every year, more than 80 000 medical consultations happen for a cold or flu. If another person you’re living with has a cold or the flu, the most important thing is to clean well and regularly everything in the house to prevent the spread of germs. Here are some tips and hints to help you keep away from being sick this winter!

  • Wash your hands very regularly, with soap and water or a hand sanitizer. Do not forget to dry them afterwards. This is probably the most important thing to avoid getting a cold or flu as 80% of the viruses are transmitted by touch! Your hands are in contact with many surfaces all day long, where bacteria and viruses can be living, such as doorknobs. When you touch your eyes, nose or mouth, the bacteria can enter your body if your hands are not properly washed.

  • Clean all surfaces very often to avoid germ spreading.

  • Even if you are not as thirsty as you would be in the summertime, your body still needs to be well hydrated. Drinking a lot of water will help to evacuate the toxins and helps you to stay healthy.

  • Sleep well. If you are tired, you are most likely to get infected because your defences will be weak. A good night sleep helps you feel more relaxed, if you are stressed or tired, this is an opportunity for germs to attack you!

  • Do not hesitate to take vitamins, in winter, you get less sunshine and you probably eat less fruits as well. It is important to maintain a good immune system. Vitamins will help you build a good defence system against cold and flu!

  • If someone you live with has a cold or flu, remind him to cough or sneeze in a tissue and to throw it in the bin immediately. Avoid contact with this person as much as you can.

  • Keep your house warm. Just turn on the heater and wear appropriate clothes.

  • Keep exercising to stay healthy and strenghthen your body.

  • Winter is a good time to quit smoking! Smoking reduces your immune defences and weakens your body.

  • If you get a cold or flu despite all your efforts, take a break from work, rest and take appropriate medication so it doesn’t get worse. Stay away from other people to avoid the spreading of germs and clean all your house properly and regularly.

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