Bathroom build ups

Bathrooms are the perfect place for dirt, mould or scum build ups. It is always humid and hot and fungi love that type of environment. The WA Health department says that condensation inside a room is the main reason for the growth of mould.

Another type of bathroom build up is dirt, especially in the corners. Be sure to wipe down your shower after you use it to avoid soap scums or hard water stains and limescale deposits. If you don’t have ventilation, make sure you leave a door or window open to get rid of the humidity.

What causes scum build ups ? Water contains a high level of minerals which form residues after the water evaporates. Scum also comes from soap and creates stains that are very hard to remove.The deposits will become very thick if you don’t clean regularly and scum will build up. You can use a special product to spray and wipe all over your shower which repels water and soap.

You should clean your bathroom often, at least rinse the shower after you use it and wipe down the sinks twice a week. Don’t forget to vacuum and mop at least once a week and insist in the corners. If you let the scum build up, you’ll reach a point where it’s going to be very hard to clean your bathroom !

Do not hesitate to do bathroom renovations if you have cracked tiles, leaks or any damage that can lead to massive build ups that would be impossible to clean.

So make sure you clean your bathroom regularly and to avoid build ups.

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