Hiring cleaners in the black market

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These days it is usual to be overwhelmed by the amount of black market cleaners on internet who advertise reliable cleaning services for only $15 per hour. But who is really behind these offers? Should you hire a cleaner in the black market? Here is some information that would make you think twice about hiring a cleaner in the black market.

To hire a cleaner with experience cleaning homes, someone who has ABN, insurances, who pays the compulsory 10%GST and also correctly declare income to the government it will cost you on average of $35 to $40 per hour including GST in Australia (estimated average 2015).

Different cleaning businesses will give you a rate based on the time that they spend on the job, others will charge you per hour, some others will advertise their prices per hour without including GST to appear cheaper and others will simply appear to charge less per hour but will charge more per square meter.

So if your rate per hour is still less than the average it might be because your cleaner is not paid according to the Cleaning Awards or most likely you are getting an individual who does not comply with the legislation for small business owners and this is what is called the “black market”.

When you hire a cleaner in the “black market” it is possible that this person has not been policed cleared, does not have workers compensation insurance, public liability insurance and probably is not paying taxes. The first thing you should know is that by engaging individuals who don’t have those credentials and especially to those who don’t pay TAX, is contributing serious offences with the ATO (Australian Taxation Office).

Secondly, do you know the person who will have 100% access to everything that you have at home, know their intentions and what they can do to you or your belongings once they are inside your home? According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, in 2013 -14, of the 8.8 million households in Australia, 16,7% have encountered at least one incident of malicious property damage, theft from a motor vehicle, breaking into home, garage or shed and at least one attempt for all the above. This is equivalent to 1.4 million households which is almost the whole population of Perth so you simply can’t trust anyone.

Lastly, when you engage someone to work in your home and this person has an accident while working, if this person does not have workers compensation insurance you are automatically liable for all the expenses and damages caused by that person in addition to cover all the expenses if this person need to be off work.

Therefore, when you hire someone out of a random website you always should ensure the following in order to avoid future issues.

  • Check the ABN related to the person performing the cleaning service is active

  • Check their current Police Clearance

  • Ensure that they have contents and public liability insurance

  • Make sure that they are covered with workers compensation insurance

  • Check that they have a current a visa status that allows them to work

  • There is no way to guarantee that they will pay their taxes but if you engage a company they most likely will do to avoid fines

  • Ensure that they have adequate level of English as is really hard to give instructions and to communicate otherwise

  • You can’t guarantee that this person will come back to your home as if they can get a better pay somewhere else they will not be loyal to you and you will have to go through this process again.

After learning all this, just ask the question to yourself. Are you saving money by hiring cleaners in the black market? Are you really getting more free time? Are you really being astute? Whatever your answer is, getting a cleaner should not be more hazardous than doing the cleaning yourself. If you hire a cleaner on the black market expect to get caught, so why trying to save when you can lose it all?

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