Moving out checklist


If you are moving out soon and are worried about getting your bond back, here are some tips to help you in the vacate process!

Moving out of your apartment or house is not something you can do overnight! There are quite a few things to do and you need to get organized.

The first thing you have to do is notify your agency or landlord that you’re going to move out and set a date for inspection. You should do this at least one month prior to your moving out date. Don’t forget to cancel your utilities contracts (electricity, gas, internet, phone…) and make sure your mail will be sent to your new address.

When time has come to pack, get your suitcases out and start emptying your closets!

The biggest and hardest job left to be done is the cleaning. If you want your bond back, everything has to be perfect. If you want to do it yourself, it may take you a few days. If you hire a cleaning company, they usually do it in one day or in a few hours if several cleaners are working.

The inside and outside of the house have to be cleaned, for more details here is a checklist to help you get organized.

All the walls, ceilings, doors, cupboards and windows of every room should be clean and free of marks, mould and dust. Make sure that the lights are working in every room and that blinds and curtains are free of dust. In every room the carpets should be steam cleaned. Don’t forget to clean the fans and air conditioning system. All rubbish should be removed from the premises. Vacuum and mop every room.

In the kitchen, make sure to clean the inside of the fridge and oven and defrost the freezer. Clean the sink, the stove, the exhaust and all the surfaces.

In the bathroom, disinfect the toilet, clean the shower, the sink the mirror. In the other rooms, dust, vacuum and mop. In the garden, remove the leaves and weeds.

Don’t forget to take a picture when everything is clean, just in case you need to prove the state of the house as you left it.

All this would take you around 6-10 hours depending if you have someone to help, and this is without including the time that you would spend finding the right professional products, and possibly wasting money in products that will expire because you might not use them again. Carpet and steam cleaner machines are heavy bulky and difficult to use and you can have the risk of having to wait many days for the carpet to dry.

If you want to invest more time on shopping to decorate your new home, setting up all bills and planning your house warming party with friends and family contact us today for a quote. You don’t have to go through all the hassle!

We’ll do the cleaning and you’ll get your bond back!

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