How often does a house need to be cleaned?

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It is proved that your quality of life improves significantly if you live and work in clean places. How often should you clean your house to keep it nice and fresh?

It’s always better to clean a little bit every day. If you get to the point where doing these little household tasks is automatic, you’ll find yourself doing your weekly cleaning in a lot less time!

Rinse the shower after using it, wipe the sink, clean and put away the dishes, this will help maintain your house clean and save time on your weekly cleaning task!

It is recommended to vacuum and mop the house once every week. It helps to get rid of the dirt and prevent it from building up.

Give the toilet and the bathroom a good clean. Before you begin your cleaning, just pop your laundry, bed sheets and towels into the washing machine, and when you’ll be done the laundry will be ready! If you organize yourself, cleaning shouldn’t take a lot of time.

Clean the windows, clean the inside of your fridge and oven, clean the carpets, are things you don’t do on a weekly basis. Just clean regularly, if something is spilled wipe it down immediately, check the expiry date on your food in the fridge and don’t let things rot!

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