General Manager

Andrea's journey started long time ago. She was born and raised in a family where the cleaning standards were exceptionally high and since a very young age she was thought to enjoy and appreciate clean spaces and the positive vibes that it can bring to someone’s life.  In an initiative to continue to share her passion and love for clean home spaces and with the support of a couple of friends she was embarked in the adventure of creating a cleaning business. Andrea is passionate and strong-minded person who always tries to get the best possible outcome on her work. Andrea's previous experience on customer service and sales gives her the advantage on understanding their client's expectations and needs.


Brand and Communication Manager

Lina is Brand & Communications Manager at ChaCha. Lina began her career in 2008 in Bogota – Colombia and she has held a number of marketing roles in top beverages and consumer companies in Sydney and Perth. Her Passion for Brand Building, technology digital marketing and social media brought her to an exceptionally challenging role at ChaCha. She has been in the role since 2013 and she has developed to now manage an effective Marketing Team. In 2011 she completed her Master’s Degree in Marketing over the East Coast where she was for over 2 years. She moved to Perth to follow her love and spent the last six months back in Sydney. She has recently moved to Perth again and she is particularly interested in health, wellness, fitness and enjoying the beautiful outdoor live style and the longer summers of WA.


Digital Marketing Assistant

Clem is a Digital Marketing Assistant at ChaCha. Originally from France, she has studied Marketing in Italy and Sweden and got her Master Degree in 2013. Since then, she has worked all around the world to be able to strengthen her Marketing skills and has grown a particular interest for digital and social media Marketing. She likes to live her life at the fullest and to learn everyday.